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On June 7th and 8th, 2018, over 140 people attended the NYU 71st Annual Conference on Labor.  New leaders at the DOL (Solicitor Kate O'Scannlain) and NLRB (Chairman John Ring and General Counsel Peter Robb) addressed the audience, while academics, plaintiff and management attorneys, government and company representatives discussed developments in the labor and employment field under the Trump Administration.Labor Center Faculty Director, Professor Samuel Estreicher, presided over the Conference. 
Labor Center Board Member Marjorie Mesidor (Phillips & Associates) gives a dynamic presentation on Elimination of Bias, illustrated by audience reactions to various shoes. Seated Left: Stephen Sonnenberg (JAMS)


  • "Joint Employer" Issues
  • DOL's "Paid" Program, Opinion Letters, & Other Initiatives
  • Prior Salary Disclosure Laws
  • Changes at the NLRB
  • Reverse Preemption
  • Harassment in the Workplace
  • EEO Initiatives
  • Non-Mutual Issue Preclusion?
  • "Hire American" Labor Policies

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"Why Business Is Glued To High Court's Public Sector Case" featuring Samuel Estreicher

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