NYU supports nursing mothers who return to school/work and continue to breastfeed their child by maintaining a private space where new mothers can nurse their child or express milk.

Our dedicated nursing room, located at Vanderbilt Hall, 2nd Floor, through the ladies restroom. The facility is equipped with comfortable chairs, an electrical outlet, table, as well as paper towels, a clock, reading materials and a refrigerator.

Online Resources

Breast Feeding: Strategies for Success from the March of Dimes offers information, advice, and support.

La Leche League is an international organization where breastfeeding mothers support one another. You can find local support events or get involved by advocating or volunteering.

Breastfeeding.com offers support, information and some comic relief for breastfeeding mothers. Features Q&A with doctors, instructional video clips, and shopping resources.

The National Women's Health Information Center is website run by the federal government. This site gives straightforward information about many of the questions and issues that arise for breastfeeding mothers

What to Expect from the author of the What to Expect When You're Expecting, offers information and support on breastfeeding and more.


Last Modified 3/4/12